Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Look

So i have been growing out my hair for a couple months just for fun a long with my beard (which i am keeping!) anyways the other day i decided to cut it down and so here is how it looks! It may not look that long but its the longest i have ever had it so take that!

Some of you may not like this picture for some reason but here it is, the clean up!




I was excited to see the results, and cheers to a winter of hair growing!

Much Love,


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When I grow up...

Yes I am not fully grown up yet, so when I do grow up your all invited to my bubble pool party! A couple times we have been to my buddy Tyler's (Jason Biggs - American Pie look alike) house in the late night/early morning and we have had a bubble bath party (in swim suits). I enjoy this because it is just fun it creates a little bit of a mess but in my opinion totally worth it. So when I do get around to growing up I am going to have a pool and once in a while will throw bubble pool parties; so come on over and let loose in the bubbles of joy!

Me and bubbles of fun!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cause I'm Dreamin of Tomorrow

Even though gas prices are rising and the economy is going oh not so well, i still have a dream of freedom. I would love love love to be able to cruise around the country, also the connected countries and partake in random events and activities. And I would love to do it all in a camper such like the one below (anyone have 2500 i can have?!) Imagine driving around stopping where ever you wanted, staying for as long as you want, and doing what you want (inside the law of course *wink, wink*!) Gathering delightful objects along the way, trying new things and activities. I can only imagine the stories that would go along with this, and all the people you could meet a long the way.

Will this always be a dream for me? Will you see me rollin' around in something of the sort in a couple years? Who knows maybe life will surprise me and throw this in there!

This is my dream... well a little part of it!

Cool Shoed Girl

So I went to a movie with Timmy and Doug on Sat. afternoon. As we walked out of the movie Doug made the comment that he wanted to check out the prices or long boards. We headed to the nearest shop (Quicksilver) and walked in to check them out. As i do in most places without thought i started to make my observations. The girl behind the front counter started to walk to the back storage place and boom, i stopped her in her tracks. I had to snag a picture of her sweet sandals.

The Famous LA sandals!

She was very nice and willing to let me take a picture. She got these sweet kicks at a shop in LA and I wanted to share them with you all cause they are crazy cool. As we left the store I made the comment of wanting to blog about it and Doug with his genius mind says "Go get a picture with her!" so we turned right around walked back into the store feeling a little awkward but on a mission. She was not in sight so the guy at the counter asks me "Looking for shoes?" and yes I was so he opened the door and let her know we were back :)! She let us take a picture together, we then exchanged names and then thanked her for dealing with the awkward moments. So McKenzie if you ever magically read this thank you for letting us take pictures and you have awesome sandals!

In case you couldn't tell McKenzie on the left me on the right.

Much love,


Friday, July 25, 2008

Nice People

I wish there where more nice people around; mind you out of every state I have lived in Utah has had a good majority of the nice people. Probably one reason its hard to leave. I am not saying that everywhere else is just mean people, the nice "welcome" feeling is just felt here.

Now on to my initial story for this post. Last night Doug and I went down to the Galavin Center for the Twilight free concert series held there I believe every summer (Thursday nights). Performing was Del La Soul and The Cool Kids, both hip/hop groups, the show had a ton of energy and there were very diverse people attending.

Which brings up another tangent I would like to go on for a minute. I have been trying to go to more shows and that has been working out for me nicely. I try to throw in some new music and explore whats out there. Lately I have been to a couple hip/hop shows and a little bit ago I went to some hardcore shows. Each show I attended it was surprising the diverse selection of people; all the different styles and "attitudes" it was so interesting. I liked it because it just shows that it really doesn't matter how different people are we can still be brought together by the same interests in at least one subject.

Back to the story. After we had left the show I was craving some food (like always!) so we hit up the Smiths on 54th and 7th West or somewhere in that area. We scouted around for a bit as I was in a semi healthy kick. We didn't grab a cart seeing as it was unexpected what were where there for. Our item count grew and it was almost a hassle to go to the front of the store for a cart , we passed by a stocker and they kindly gave us a used box to carry out items in. I grabbed some snacks for the night and some lunch stuff for today (Which I am truly excited for that in about a hour!) as we debated on which lane to go through we of course made the choice of the lesser line. As we checked out with our items the women behind the counter made light conversation at first, then as we each started to open up there where smiles and laughs back and forth. That women behind the counter was so cheery and light hearted it made that shopping experience complete. Props to her for being positive and a great cashier/boxer. As you could see in the picture below she did an amazing job at fitting all my items into the box nicely. So as I stated to her I was going to take a picture and now I have done that and written a blog semi about that. Hopefully this story does not jump around in confusion and you all enjoy.

At the end of the day it pays off to be nice to people no matter who you are or what circumstances you might be in!

Much love,


Monday, June 9, 2008

Immigration on the mind

So for my whole life i have not much cared about politics or any of that so called mumbo jumbo. But over the last little while I have been trying to be more "in tune" with whats going on in the world. I have been working on forming my own opinions and thoughts about life and what goes along with it. While i still have A LOT to learn i have had some good thoughts, and conversations with many people both good friends and acquaintances.

I once had a man come up to me while I was helping out at a moving/garage sell for my parents and basically tell me I was doomed and useless for not knowing another language (Spanish in this situation). We had a long one sided conversation about this subject and how against immigration he was, he went on and on about how immigrants are taking over our freedoms and jobs. After the man left without even buying or looking at anything i thought back to an experience that i had. Months before I was down helping out at an orphanage in Nogales, Mexico. The children were great; there was a big communication barrier but we worked past it with body gestures. They enjoyed us being there to play with them and bring them lunch for the day. It was a very rewarding experience. During my time in Mexico I had a chance to see how some people were living that I had never seen in real life before. The houses being shacks and so close together with nothing more then a slim wall and a front door. Living in such poverty but at the same time being grateful for what they did have. Immigration is a hard subject for me to think about, I have both positive and negative thoughts. I have worked with people that are immigrants and heard some of there stories, most of which are only looking for a better life for them and their families. I think there is a right way and a wrong way to make this happen. The right way being doing what you can to get a visa and then truly doing what you meant to do and making a better life, also vis versa for the wrong. While I can not get a solid judgment on the subject because there are so many different variables those are some thoughts that I wanted to share. I believe that if you are working to make your life better then more power to you, with little matter of who you might be!

Much love,


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First and Foremost

Hey hey hey everyone!

As you can see by my NO blogs i am new to the bloggin' scene. I have been thinking of doing a blog for a while and so now it has begun (all i have to do is keep it going!). I guess the title of my blog says it all "Random Acts Of Life" I will just be posting about things that happen and thoughts I have. I realize this is probably exactly what a blog is for, but I figured I would explain what i would be doing anyways. Feel free to leave comments on anything and if you have views on what I am talking about please share because I love hearing people opinions. Hopefully we will get some good stuff in here with some good photos and what not. Also please excuse my bad English skills with grammar and spelling i try to be good but sometimes I'm not. So please enjoy and i will do my best to keep you all entertained!

Thanks for stopping by and much love,