Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Look

So i have been growing out my hair for a couple months just for fun a long with my beard (which i am keeping!) anyways the other day i decided to cut it down and so here is how it looks! It may not look that long but its the longest i have ever had it so take that!

Some of you may not like this picture for some reason but here it is, the clean up!




I was excited to see the results, and cheers to a winter of hair growing!

Much Love,



Roemmele Family said...

Wow...what a difference! Are you going to go longer than the first time this winter?

Pippino said...

LOL nice look man, if you need another hair cut just let me know :D

Mel Ed said...

HOLY COW!!! Is that what you look like underneath all that hair!!! :D Just kidding buddy! Looks good!!!

Wendy Funk said...

Ah, you cut your hair, I thought we could sit around and braid each others hair while singing that song "braid my hair" It looks like you trimmed your beard down a little too. HEY!!! maybe for Christmas you could come up and be Santa for my kids....hum, i like that idea. :)

Sus said...

Did you save that hair to knit into a sweater?

Nice blog. I put a link to it on mine.

We need to have all you punks up to play Guitar Hero again. And how are your artistic talents being used these days? Got anything new to share?

Cody & Rachelle Steele said...

hey andy luke! we miss you and have tried calling but now answer. we are moving to utah very soon. call us. we love you. chelle and cody

p.s. check our blog as well. you are on it