Monday, June 9, 2008

Immigration on the mind

So for my whole life i have not much cared about politics or any of that so called mumbo jumbo. But over the last little while I have been trying to be more "in tune" with whats going on in the world. I have been working on forming my own opinions and thoughts about life and what goes along with it. While i still have A LOT to learn i have had some good thoughts, and conversations with many people both good friends and acquaintances.

I once had a man come up to me while I was helping out at a moving/garage sell for my parents and basically tell me I was doomed and useless for not knowing another language (Spanish in this situation). We had a long one sided conversation about this subject and how against immigration he was, he went on and on about how immigrants are taking over our freedoms and jobs. After the man left without even buying or looking at anything i thought back to an experience that i had. Months before I was down helping out at an orphanage in Nogales, Mexico. The children were great; there was a big communication barrier but we worked past it with body gestures. They enjoyed us being there to play with them and bring them lunch for the day. It was a very rewarding experience. During my time in Mexico I had a chance to see how some people were living that I had never seen in real life before. The houses being shacks and so close together with nothing more then a slim wall and a front door. Living in such poverty but at the same time being grateful for what they did have. Immigration is a hard subject for me to think about, I have both positive and negative thoughts. I have worked with people that are immigrants and heard some of there stories, most of which are only looking for a better life for them and their families. I think there is a right way and a wrong way to make this happen. The right way being doing what you can to get a visa and then truly doing what you meant to do and making a better life, also vis versa for the wrong. While I can not get a solid judgment on the subject because there are so many different variables those are some thoughts that I wanted to share. I believe that if you are working to make your life better then more power to you, with little matter of who you might be!

Much love,